About Kitts Hummock

Where the name came from

There is a historic sign as you enter Kitts Hummock that shares some of the local history.

In summary, just like the Native Americans who came before them, the European settlers also found solace and enjoyment in this elevated spot by the Delaware Bay, which they called “hummock.”

In 1738, Jehu Curtis was granted a patent for the land, which he lovingly named “Kitt’s Hammock.” Some people connect the name for a 17th century pirate named Captain William Kidd who was rumored to have buried treasure here.

As time passed, the Pleasanton family established a lively tavern here in the early 1800s to cater to the pleasure of the visitors. Later on, around 1846, a hotel was constructed nearby, initially known as the Bay View Hotel, becoming the heart of local activities.

Towards the end of the 19th century, a collection of charming cottages were built here and even today Kitts Hummock continues to offer a tranquil retreat for both locals and guests, a place where one can unwind and find serenity amidst the calming waters and gentle bay breezes.

Hummock Haven – which we are calling our special getaway – will give you all the peace and serenity you want as you gather with friends and family.


Justin and Whitney

Justin and Whitney have five children and have enjoyed many places on the east coast, Gulf of Mexico, and Canadian lakes - but Kitts Hummock is their place to relax with unparalleled beauty and serene family times.

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